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Brief Biography of Partner

Hermes Bay was founded in 2015. Initially composed of a small team of analysts and consultants, in recent years it has achieved a consolidated position in the consulting sector, focusing on an approach that has made the trust of its clients and the quality of the services offered, the building blocks of your business strategy.

Hermes Bay provides services in the areas of security, risk analysis and management, cyber security, information security, privacy, intelligence, industry reporting (travel security, due diligence, country threat) and specialized training and awareness activities. These are carried out for companies of different sizes (small, medium and large enterprises), National Critical Infrastructures providers, as well as Public Administrations. Hermes Bay’s portfolio of services allows companies to develop a culture of safety, creating awareness and resilience paths, useful to govern the main risks and increase competitiveness in their market context.

Partner’s Role in the SUNRISE project

Within SUNRISE, Hermes Bay is a vice-leader and will support other partners in their direct contact with CI authorities. Additionally, Hermes Bay will develop the SUNRISE strategy for pandemic-specific risk assessment and mitigation and technically, they will support the definition and collection of data for the SUNRISE tools. Alongside this, they will also support the integration and evaluation of the project’s technical tools.