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Institute for Corporative Security Studies (ICS)


Brief Biography of Partner

Institute for Corporative Security Studies (ICS-Ljubljana) is organized as a non-governmental research institution. The vision of the ICS Ljubljana is to create top-level knowledge, technologies and proce in the area of corporate security while managing the entire spectrum of security risks. With the responsible and professional provision of comprehensive services in the area of corporate security, ICS aims to create a safer and richer future for the users of our services and knowledge.

Partner’s Role in the SUNRISE project

ICS lead the collaboration between critical infrastructure providers in the SUNRISE project. Through local, regional and national workshops with CI they will key external inputs for the project. In addition to their role as collaboration leaders, they will also conduct relevant legal assessments of the SUNRISE tools and support the engineering and design specifications of these technical tools along with the tool developers, other cluster leads and vice-leads and SSH experts. Finally, they will contribute to the project’s impact-generation activities throughout SUNRISE and beyond it’s lifetime.