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Ministry of Infrastructure of

the Republic of Slovenia


Brief Biography of Partner

The Ministry of Infrastructure ensures continuous improvements to Slovenian transport and energy infrastructure. The Ministry maintains, plans, regulates and improves the field of rail, road, air, cableway, and maritime transport as well as inland waterway transport.

The Ministry is also responsible for transport policies and infrastructure. It strives to achieve sustainable mobility and transport, which should be safer, more economical, and green. It also ensures that energy supply is reliable and sets the foundations for transitioning into a society that uses energy products more effectively and which generates energy mainly from renewable sources.

Partner’s Role in the SUNRISE project

The Slovenian Ministry brings its expertise and knowledge as a critical infrastructure operator to the SUNRISE project. They will collaborate with other critical infrastructure operators with a focus on the project’s Slovenian cluster. In addition, they will participate in the analysis of CI’s vital services and support the development and implementation of the SUNRISE technical tools.