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Institut für Höhere Studien (IHS)


Brief Biography of Partner

Founded in 1963, the Institute for Advanced Studies (IHS) is a private non-profit non-university economic and social science research institute that is highly visible and well connected throughout Europe. IHS is Austria’s largest economic and social science research institute, located in the heart of Vienna.

IHS is home to 130 researchers across eight interdisciplinary groups working on the pressing socio-political questions of our time. It develops research questions in dialogue with politics and science and makes both scientific and policy-relevant contributions. Its scientists work in an application-oriented manner on issues that affect current societal challenges. IHS is known for regular research results – such as the quarterly published economic forecast, the European Social Survey, the National Education Report or the Student Social Survey. Our research is underpinned by novel theoretical frameworks and methodologies driving cutting-edge research to inform evidence-based practice.

Partner’s Role in the SUNRISE project

One of the most important tasks of the IHS is to assess the economic consequences of pandemics on the one hand and the various possible countermeasures on the other hand at regional, national and international level, for example with regard to cascading effects, pandemic development and climate effects or with regard to economic interdependencies of critical infrastructures. We will also contribute to the development of possible economic countermeasures.

Based on these economic analyzes and similar social, ethical, legal and climate assessments, the IHS, together with the partners, will filter out the least harmful measures that will at the same time ensure the adequate functionality of the critical infrastructures.

Our health economists will assist the pandemic modeling and its translation to economic terms and will help to identify issues regarding the health infrastructure.