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Institut mikroelektronických 

aplkiací s.r.o.  (IMA)


Brief Biography of Partner

IMA is a limited private company (LE) located in Praha and Pardubice (CZ). In 2021 IMA was acquired as an R&D centre by German WITTE Automotive group to strengthen its research in automotive and Industry4.0 applications. Being on the market since 1992, IMA is well established in the electronicID business and follow-up micro technologies bridging towards nanotechnology. IMA works with electronic identification and uses smart cards, RFID/NFC, biometrics and wireless technology.

Providing large systems in CZ, IMA is now launching applications hosted in NFC mobile set and collaborating with mobile operators on the management of identities. IMA also provides integration services for merging new eID systems into existing infrastructure, meeting legal regulatory base for eServices applied cross-borders within the EU, ensuring privacy and personal data protection, and data fusion and mining, profiling, and correlations detection among identified objects. This ensures safety and security for supervised persons in public spaces.

IMA has skilled experience in EU projects delivering electronic devices and applications for automotive and smart building domains – car data remote monitoring, car sensor data processing, advanced access management, EV charging data concentration and air quality monitoring services.

Partner’s Role in the SUNRISE project

IMA leads on the creation of one of the SUNRISE project’s tools for ’Risk-based Access Control’. Within this role, IMA will design, develop, and provide a scalable platform for the implementation of secured access control with enhanced privacy. In addition, they will contribute to the project’s pilot applications through the adopted technologies. IMA will provide the components to the CI partners in SUNRISE to extend the current access control systems of third parties running at the CI facilities.