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Istituto Superiore di Sanità (ISS)


Brief Biography of Partner

The Italian National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità) is the main Italian research institute in the biomedical and public health field. It is the technical and scientific body of the Italian National Health Service. The ISS team of 1,800 staff members consists of researchers, technicians and administrative staff, work daily with the aim of protecting the citizens’ health.

The main activities of the ISS are distributed across 6 Departments, 16 National Centres, 2 Reference Centres, 5 technical-scientific services and a Notified Body for the assessment of the conformity of medical devices to the relevant regulations.

ISS cooperates with the Ministry of Health, the Italian Regions and the whole Italian National Health Service to accomplish its health policies on the basis of scientific evidence, in the field of prevention and health promotion, the fight against cancer, chronic and neurodegenerative diseases, rare and infectious diseases and pathological addictions.

Partner’s Role in the SUNRISE project

Within SUNRISE, ISS will contribute to the Italian cluster of CI operators. They will bring their knowledge and expertise to the development of the project’s tools and strategies including environmental surveillance (wastewater-based surveillance) of pathogens by means of molecular methods and medical devices (including MDSW), especially with regard to risk management and healthcare systems. Additionally, they will support the project’s impact generation, communication, dissemination and policymaking activities.