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Plinovodi D.O.O


Brief Biography of Partner

Plinovodi d.o.o. manages the gas transmission network in Slovenia. The main operational goal of the company is to provide long-term, reliable, high-quality, price-competitive and environmentally acceptable transmission of gas.

Large industrial users and distributors, which provide gas to 81 municipalities, are connected to the Plinovodi network. The company ensures 24-hour supervision and monitoring of the rate of flow of gas in the gas network ensuring its transport is executed reliably and consistently.

Additionally, Plinovodi is also responsible for the planning and development of the gas transmission system, the calibration and maintenance of gas meters and correctors and for providing education to those working in the energy industry.

Partner’s Role in the SUNRISE project

Within SUNRISE, Plinovodi will contribute to the Slovenian cluster of CI operators bringing their knowledge and expertise to the project. In addition to their cluster role, Plinovodi will also support the project’s impact generation, communication, dissemination and policymaking activities.