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Hospital Universitario Quironsalud Madrid



Brief Biography of Partner

The Hospital Universitario Quironsalud Madrid was built in 2006 based on four main pillars: excellent professionals, vanguard technology, excellent human treatment and vocation for teaching and research. Regarding it’s healthcare capacity, the hospital has approximately 300 beds operates various health units and services including sleep and epilepsy, emergency and paediatrics. In addition, it also surgery rooms, endoscopy rooms and haemodynamic rooms and a Day Hospital.

The centre is at the forefront of the development of clinical trials in different therapeutic areas. During the last year, the hospital team conducted 262 active clinical trials and started 53 new trials. During the COVID pandemic, the centre participated in several clinical trials to obtain the best treatment for patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 and continued its research by participating in clinical trials and studies focusing on COVID and long-term COVID effects.

Partner’s Role in the SUNRISE project

Within SUNRISE, The Hospital Universitario Quironsalud (HUQM) will participate in the project’s Spanish cluster of CI operators and aim to provide a framework for understanding the specific functioning of the critical infrastructures and cooperation between their operators in Spain.

In addition to their cluster role, HUQM will contribute as a health infrastructure to the development of the SUNRISE technical tools namely, the tool for ‘Demand Prediction and Management’.