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Project Pilots

  • All of the SUNRISE results (strategy and tools) will be co-created and piloted in a real-world setting with several relevant public CI authorities and operators from across Europe. This will enable preparation of results for a wide uptake, replication, and up-scaling across different critical entities, critical sectors, and European countries.
  • During the SUNRISE project, several pilot trials will be conducted by partners for tool demonstration, validation, and evaluation, focusing on both architectural and privacy related issues. The SUNRISE strategy and technologies will be validated and demonstrated by CI stakeholders in operational environments.
  • SUNRISE’s validation activities focus on three countries: Spain, Italy, Slovenia. A series of national workshops are scheduled to place with critical infrastructure operators in each of these countries. The first of these workshops took place in November 2022 to gather participants’ experiences, identify shortcomings, expectations and good practices to improve the resilience of organizations as Critical Infrastructures and Vital Services during the pandemic. Read more about the first national workshop here.