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Project TOOLS

Throughout its lifetime, SUNRISE will develop technologies and solutions to improve the planning and management of critical infrastructures such as transport, energy, water, and healthcare. The SUNRISE suite of technological tools include:

Tool for Risk Based Access Control (RiBAC)

  • This tool focuses on risk-based access control (RiBAC) and will help ensure reduced risk for access to critical infrastructure in a scalable and privacy-preserving way.

Tool for Resource Demand Prediction and Management

  • This tool focuses on the development of a flexible, CI-agnostic tool to manage the changing demand of CI resources (both human and infrastructure) during emergency scenarios.

Tool for Increased Cyber-Physical Resilience

  • This tool will detect anomalies, raise alarms when incidents are materialized and will provide proper responses, while performing a real-time risk assessment of the critical infrastructure. The tool will also be equipped with a suitable dashboard that will enable decision-making.

Tool for Remote Physical Infrastructure Inspection

  • This tool will deliver a solution for continuous, data-driven physical infrastructure inspection by means of satellite images, the use of UAVs with different sensors and the use of ML methods for anomaly detection.