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Tool for Risk Based Access Control (RIBAC)

The RiBAC tool will help reduce the risk involved in physical access to critical infrastructures in a scalable and privacy-preserving way. The novel architecture and software components in the RiBAC tool will address compliance with GDPR, privacy by design and default parameters and guidelines for meeting GDPR requirements. It is a modular solution that is interoperable with existing physical access control systems.

The RiBAC tool itself consists of a graphical touch-screen terminal equipped with an RFID card reader for checking the access rights of the relevant stakeholders within the critical infrastructure (employees, guests with authorization and other staff).


The terminal is also equipped with data interfaces for connecting other peripherals needed to reduce the risk involved in physical access to the CI, especially in times of a pandemic. These peripherals include an infrared camera for checking temperature, an optical camera for detection of personal protective equipment (e.g., a mask), a QR code reader for validation of a user’s vaccination credential and a graphic accelerator.

During the first year of the project activities, the RiBAC tool has been developed as an autonomous demonstrator capable of showing its core functionalities. In the next phase of the project, the tool will be validated in simulated operation of the CI pilot sites and further integrated with existing physical access control infrastructure of the CIs wherever possible.

Another important component of the tool is the RiBAC cryptographic module, that is envisioned to provide privacy-preserving cryptographic mechanisms to the tool. More specifically, the cryptographic module will provide the core cryptographic functionalities required for a privacy-enhancing equivalent of the European Digital Covid Certificate (EUDCC). Cryptographic functionalities will be implemented in the next phase of the project.

Who will benefit from it

Not only operators and visitors of various types of critical infrastructure – e.g., utilities, hospitals, production facilities or transport hubs; but also private organisations (office buildings), will benefit from the RiBAC tool.


The RiBAC tool will help to ensure that operation of critical infrastructure will not be disrupted by another pandemic or similar event that would bring challenges to safety & security measures of physical access to the vital facilities, while also addressing a high degree of privacy requirements.