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Brief Biography of Partner

Insiel, originally established in the 1970’s to develop and implement a complete information system for the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Region, is entirely owned by the Friuli-Venezia Giulia Regional Authority. The company has approximately 650 employees and is among the most important ICT companies operating in the Italian public sector.

Insiel is in charge of the design, development, assistance and maintenance of the whole Regional Information System, which includes: Local Administration as Municipalities, Provinces, Public Bodies, Central Regional Administration, Healthcare systems (Hospitals, Territorial Health Structures, Welfare Structures). The main focus of the IT projects of the company is to create innovative solutions to facilitate and rationalise communication and cooperation and to promote the efficient exchange of services among various domains.

Insiel has great experience in designing, implementing and deploying complex IT architectures that integrate heterogeneous systems and are open to interoperate with other systems, with applications in the fields of eGovernment and eHealth as well as in environmental, territorial and mobility management.

Partner’s Role in the SUNRISE project

Insiel leads the Italian Cluster of Critical Infrastructure operators in the SUNRISE project. In addition to their role as cluster leaders, they will also participate in the analysis of CI’s vital services and the SUNRISE strategy. In addition, they will also support the development of the project’s technical tools by leading on their use cases and business viewpoints.