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Demand Prediction and Management Tool

The Demand Prediction and Management (DPM) Tool, is based on state-of-the-art technologies regarding demand prediction methods, like AI/ML-based models, and has the general scope to provide accurate demand prediction for specific Critical Infrastructures and furthermore to efficiently facilitate resource management.

More specifically, the DPM Tool aims to provide accurate predictions for the CI operators, in terms of their critical resources, mostly in a short-term period but also in mid- and long-term predictions where applicable. In the extension of that, CIs can enhance the quality of their current predictions and resource planning, making them also capable of more effective management of financial resources and able to address potential demand changes better.

The information will be delivered in the format of a dashboard depicting the current demand, prediction, and recommendations in a simple and user-friendly way.

Who will benefit from it?

All critical infrastructure operators e.g. water, energy, health, transport, information and telecommunication, security and defense, and food and agriculture.


The Resource Demand Prediction and Management Tool is an essential solution to ensure businesses, homes and critical service providers can continue to function. It will help operators to better prepare for periods of high demand to avoid disruptions to vital.